THE CHALLENGE: This October, World Hope International invites you to join us in the fight against poverty as we collect small change to meet the immediate needs of more than 500 unsponsored children around the world. With your support, children waiting and hoping for a long-term sponsor can continue attending school — or step into a classroom for the very first time!

THE MIRACLE: When a little boy offered just five loaves of bread and two fish, Jesus fed thousands (Mark 6:30-44)! Like you, we believe in miracles. We believe that God uses even the small gifts we offer. And, we believe that small acts of great faith can make an enormous change in our broken world!

THE LEADERS: Anyone in your church can take the lead! We invite you to find a champion willing to put the time and energy into the campaign. Lead Pastors, Missions Directors, Youth Leaders, Children’s Ministry Leaders and lay people made last year’s campaign a success. Toddlers to retirees collected small change to help keep more than 500 children waiting for sponsors in school this year!

THE PRAYER: A small offering of coins can confirm to a waiting child that they are not forgotten and that their story is being told. Five loaves and two fish fed five thousand. What will God do with your small change?