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La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital is the only hospital serving the island of La Gonave, Haiti. World Hope International and The Wesleyan Church have long supported this hospital, which serves over 120,000 Haitians. Since the impoverished communities the hospital serves cannot afford to pay large fees, the hospital runs primarily on grants, donations, and support from WHI and the Wesleyan Church.

We have the opportunity to send $4 million worth of medical supplies to the La Gonave Hospital, effectively sourcing their medical supply needs for two years! We have three 40 foot containers of medical supplies being supplied by International Health Partners in the UK and two 40 foot containers of medicines being supplied by Map International from Atlanta.  The cost to acquire and ship the International Health Partners supplies is $28,000.  The cost to acquire and ship the Map International medicines is $45,000.  As such, our goal to acquire and ship all these medical supplies is $73,000.  Our NGO networks have made these supplies readily available for an extremely discounted price. The contents of these five shipping containers include a variety of medicines, antibiotics, bandages, and more.

We have acquired these life-giving supplies, but need your help to ship these supplies to La Gonave from Europe and the United States! Heavy shipping containers are expensive to transport, and we need $73,000 to acquire and move these supplies to the island of La Gonave in Haiti.

We have already received a generous $5,000 donation from Berkley Hills Wesleyan Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Join the movement as a church, small group, or individual and help us reach our goal!

Provide Medical Supplies to Haiti