World Hope Live

World Hope Live is a newsletter published semi-annually for the donors and supporters of World Hope International.

Volume 21 - 2017

Issue 1: Boosting Sierra Leone's Health Infrastructure

  • Helping Babies Breathe
  • Enable the Children
  • Post-Ebola Services
  • Supporting Hospitals
  • Boosting Maternal and Child Health

Volume 20 - 2016

Issue 1: Encouraging Entrepreneurship

  • Mobile Power Project
  • Mushroom Program
  • Empowering Widows via Hydroponics

Issue 2: Delivering Clean Water and Saving Lives Around the World

  • Water for the World
  • Clean Water to the rescue
  • Leveraging golf to bring cleaun water to Sierra Leone, Zambia and Mozambique

Volume 19 - 2015

Issue 1: Restoring Opportunity, Dignity and Hope

  • Rebuilding after Ebola
  • Rescuing the Ebola Orphans
  • The Evolution of Anti-trafficking Campaigns in the Church

Issue 2: Delivering Hope to the Devastated and Vulnerable

  • Emergeny Response
  • Agriculture update
  • Village Partnership Spotlight
  • Child Sponsorship Spotlight

Volume 18 - 2014

Issue 1: Clean Water is Life

  • Water affects everything
  • How we empower the poor to help themselves
  • WHI's pineapples project in the news

Issue 2: Saving Lives Restoring Hope

  • WHI and the Ebola Crisis
  • Ebola: A call to action

Volume 17 - 2013

Issue 1: 1 Million Children, 1 Child at a Time

  • You did it: 1 year, 90,000 people
  • 1 Million Children: How We're Giving Hope
  • Every Child Deserves Food: Sentho was Born Hungry
  • Every Child Deserves Clean Water: This is Sonia
  • Every Child Deserves Freedom: Meet Kady

Issue 2: Planting Pineapples, Harvesting Hope

  • Pineapples: A Fruitful Future for Sierra Leone
  • Annual Report: Impact to date
  • Gifts and Memorials: Honoring or Memorializing Loved Ones

Volume 16 - 2012

Give Hope Change a Life

  • Anti-Trafficking: A New Safe Haven in Sierra Leone
  • Adelphe: Combating Tracking Through Education and Opportunity
  • Education: Hope and Healing in India
  • FIRST STEP: Bringing More Manufacturing to Sierra Leone
  • Economic Development: Fruitful Crop Brings Family Together

Volume 15 - 2011

Issue 1: Village Partnerships

  • Empowerment at the Heart of Village Partnerships
  • One Man's Trash is Another Man's Income
  • Treating Illness to Help Cure Poverty
  • Volunteer Experience: A "Day in the Life on the Ground in Zambia
  • Water for 70,000 Made Possible by a Well of Rotary Support

Issue 2: Working Toward Wellness

  • Reach4Life: Education and Accountability
  • Anti-Trafficking: A Holistic Approach
  • Community Health Training: Reinforcing the Basics
  • Holistic Education: The Facts
  • Hope for Children: Giving Opportunity, Inspiring Better Choices

Issue 3: Growing Hope by Developing Opportunities

  • Economic Development: A Season of Sweet Success
  • Rural Development: Multiplying Livelihood Opportunities
  • Microfinance: Small Loans Making a Big Impact
  • Current Projects Hope Corps: Teaching a Little and Learning a Lot
  • Hope for Children: Giving a Child the Opportunity of Education

Issue 4: Fostering Opportunity, Dignity & Hope

  • Wells: Milestone: Half a Million with Clean Water
  • Hope for Children: Creating Community Through a Love for Children
  • Economic Development: Mango Crop Produces a Promising Future
  • Rural Development: Cattle Project Making Livelihood Possible
  • Adelphe: Growing More Than Mushrooms