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The latest from World Hope International
Members of the World Hope team are available to comment on a range global development, poverty, and justice issues. Browse our press statements below for our latest news.
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World Hope International in the News

Sierra Leone, One Year After Ebola

'Devil Boy': Down's syndrome in Sierra Leone

5 Ways to Make a Difference Both Inside and Outside the Office

Beyond Ebola: How Sierra Leone is working to rebuild — and remake — its health care system

The Role Faith Plays in Rebuilding Sierra Leone Post-Ebola

Why 'My Family's Slave' isn't moving the needle for human trafficking groups

Revamping the world's education system one toilet at a time

Non-Profits in the 21st Century

Liberian Government Launches National Anti-Trafficking Hotline

Brower's Memorial sponsors well in Africa

'Love Your Neighbor' Key to Growth of Christianity in Nepal

Why Is Christianity Thriving in Nepal?

Why 2016 Marks a Pivotal Year for Sierra Leone

Children's Prize Winner: Carrie Jo Cain

Freedom Project Global Organizations

Better policies are needed to support local adoptions for children orphaned by Ebola

The Evolution of Anti-Trafficking Campaigns in the Church

Ebola survivors still struggling to survive

The Importance of the Church's Role in Emergency Response Efforts

Sierra Leone is Ebola Free!

No longer abandoning disabled children in Sierra Leone

Nepalis in remote villages struggle to find shelter ahead of annual monsoons

As Sierra Leone emerges from Ebola crisis, new innovations are helping poor villages

Ebola Strains Sierra Leone Healthcare

A new approach to fighting Ebola’s stigma

Local organizations send supplies to W. Africa

Ebola Deadly Outbreak: Why Is Liberia Improving While Sierra Leone Continues To Battle New Cases?

Ebola Outbreak 2014: With Workers Sent Home, Local Businesses Continue To Struggle

Ebola’s Impact on Sierra Leone’s Once Flourishing Business Sector

Ebola’s Economic Impact Threatens To Cripple Once-Rapidly Growing Sierra Leone

What’s It Like to Be an Aid Worker in Sierra Leone During the Ebola Crisis

St. Paul nurse knows Ebola risk - and that she can help

Nurse Risked Her Life Daily to Help Ebola Victims

Live from World Water Week

When Missions Opportunities Aren’t Pretty

Female Genital Mutilation: A Violent Cultural Tradition

Can Investors Do More Good Than Donors?

Pineapples Changing a Nation Spiritually, Economically

Pineapple Program Fights Traffickers in Sierra Leone

Empowering Women in Agriculture to Help Eradicate Hunger

“It’s Easy To Find Victims-Justice Is More Complicated”

Sierra Leone Targets Human Trafficking


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