World Hope International (WHI) invites churches to get involved with us in the war against poverty and injustice. WHI wants to help your fellowship become a leader in international compassion, and connect you with people in need of opportunity, dignity and hope around the world.

Whether providing assistance for an individual, a family, or a whole village, churches have a variety of opportunities to help those in need all across the world. Below are some ideas on how you and your church can make a difference. We are ready to consult with your church leaders or missions committee about doing more in global outreach.

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Gifting the Essentials

Far removed from the technology and infrastructure of modern cities, many people in the areas we serve live traditional lifestyles in remote areas characterized by acute poverty. The cycle of poverty is persistent in these areas due to many factors, including lack of access to clean water, the inability to grow crops year-round and the lack of resources to maintain a business for income security.

Churches have an opportunity to help at the family or village level by providing a number of essential items: from seeds for a garden, to small loans to start a business, to a cow, or by providing the resources to have a fresh water well dug in a village.


Education is a larger part of the foundation for a healthy and successful life. Not only does education provide children with the opportunity to reach their full potential, but basic health education is vital in helping curb the spread of preventable diseases like cholera and dysentery, as well as promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS.

The gift of education is a prime opportunity for churches to get involved. Items such as school uniforms, desks, school supplies or even curriculum can help provide vital education to villages. This is also an opportunity for churches, ministries and bible studies to sponsor children through our Child Sponsorship program.

Village Partnerships

World Hope International’s Village Partnership program helps to combat the cycle of poverty by training and empowering community leaders by supporting sustainable activities that result in economic stability and enhanced livelihoods. WHI’s development philosophy centers on the belief that vulnerable communities need knowledge and resources that foster empowerment instead of dependence.

Churches may want to consider connecting with a specific village in Sierra Leone or Mozambique through our Village Partnership program. WHI seeks to connect a church in the United States with a village and their leadership to address needs in a variety of areas. Spiritual growth, food security, education, agribusiness and community health are addressed in a coordinated way to bring lasting improvement. Learn more.

Short Term Teams

Churches often like to visit the work of WHI on the field. Our Short Term Teams program offers a variety of short and long-term volunteer trip opportunities to help connect your church with the needs of the poor around the world. Contact our Short Term Teams office today to set up your own church trip, or to join an already scheduled trip to visit our work.