Emergency Response

On the ground before, during, and after

When it’s a matter of life or death—we’re moving quickly to address the needs of those in urgent need of relief.

Give Hope

Emergency Response

We mobilize our network of local and global nonprofit, corporate, church, and logistic partners when disasters strike.

Thousands of communities around the world are affected every day by natural disasters, disease outbreaks and conflicts. This leaves the most vulnerable people in urgent need of help to survive and recover. Historically, those with a background of working in a country alongside local communities are best suited to support relief efforts quickly and efficiently.

Acting fast before, during, and after an emergency and collaborating creatively with diverse partners has meant we can assist the vulnerable when some of the greatest disasters strike.

Rebuilding in the Bahamas, Starting with the Church

Hurricane Dorian destroyed Pastor Raymond’s home and wiped out decades of work. But it’s not the end of the story…

Building Back Better: Changing Focus in The Bahamas

Moving forward, our volunteers will also support rebuilding efforts across the devastated communities, helping The Bahamas build back better. But that’s not all. In a new partnership with Tesla…

A Disaster Births Hope

Fresh Water Production volunteers have been cycling in and out of the Bahamas since Hurricane Dorian delivered a deadly blow on September 1, 2019. World Hope International has been pumping clean water in the Bahamas for a full month and we still turn people away at the end of the day.


Disasters are often unexpected and hard to plan for, leaving the many vulnerable and unprepared.


In the days, weeks, and months following a disaster, adequate food, clean drinking water, and shelter are critical to survival.

What we’re doing about it

We build the capacity of our local staff, volunteers, and partners to respond quickly and efficiently to storms, mudslides, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, disease outbreaks, and more.

USNS Comfort (Fall 2018)

World Hope International provided medical aid in partnership with the U.S. Southern Command on an 11-week medical assistance mission aboard the U.S. Navy hospital ship, the USNS Comfort. WHI staffed 5 medical practitioners on the ship over the course of the mission, which helped provide care to the appropriate communities and to relieve pressure on host nation medical systems—a pressure due in part to an increase in migrants crossing. The USNS Comfort visited Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Honduras from October 11 – December 20, 2018.

California Wildfires: USA

In November 2018, wildfires raged across California and, in addition to ravaging the landscape and communities, also created some of the worst air quality in the world at the time. WHI teamed up with Amazon and close partners on the ground to distribute dozens of industrial air-scrubbers to shelters and hospitals across the smoke-filled region. 

Hurricane Michael: USA

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael tore across the Florida Panhandle and southern U.S.A. Alongside nonprofit, corporate, and logistics partners, WHI coordinated the distribution of emergency supplies such as food, water, high-quality tarps, and other supplies via land, air, and sea to hard-to-reach communities cut off because of storm damage.

Tsunami Palu: Indonesia

In October 2018, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed over 1,000 and displaced countless. We responded with direct relief by supplying donated Katadyn Ceradyn drip water filters for churches and mosques.

Typhoon Yutu

In October 2018, we were able to provide safe drinking water to Saipan shelters following the devastation of Typhoon Yutu, the second strongest hurricane to ever touch American soil.  We were also able to support clean-up by removing trees and distributing food relief.

Typhoon Mangkhut: The Philippines

In September 2018, we responded to the destruction on Luzon island with relief supplies often carried by foot by coordinated volunteers to hard-to-reach communities flattened by the typhoon and subsequent flooding.

Hurricane Florence: North and South Carolina

In September 2018, we responded to a powerful Cape Verde hurricane with water filters, water desalination efforts, high-quality tarps, trucks of food and baby supplies, and clean up crews alongside our local and national partners.

Volcán de Fuego: Guatemala

In June 2018, we responded to the eruption of Guatemala’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ with clean water supplies, solar chargers, and volunteer teams to help with clean up, recovery, and emotional support.

Earthquake: Papua New Guinea

In February 2018, we responded to a 7.5-magnitude earthquake and dozens of aftershocks with clean water supplies, solar chargers, and clean up alongside The Wesleyan Church.

Cyclone Gita: Islands of Tonga

In February 2018, major winds across the kingdom brought down power lines, smashed churches, and flattened vital crops. We responded with critical emergency supplies—like shelter, clean water, and sanitation kits.

Mount Mayon Volcano: The Philippines

In January 2018, on the heels of Tembin, more than 75,000 fled their homes in the danger zone to stay in emergency shelters. We supplied emergency water supplies in hard-to-reach communities and in shelters.

Tropical Storm Tembin: The Philippines

In December 2017, we responded with shipments of food, water, and hygiene kits, water desalination units, water filters, and electric generators.

Hurricanes Irma & Maria: Caribbean, Florida, and Puerto Rico

In September 2017, we responded with shipments of food, water, and hygiene kits, water desalination units, water filters, and electric generators.

Hurricane Harvey: Houston, Texas

In August 2017, we served over the long-term recovery phase with shipments of goods to those hardiest hit and coordinated teams of volunteers to help in the ongoing clean-up of the area.

Mudslides: Freetown, Sierra Leone

In August 2017, torrential rains lead to deadly mudslides, claiming 1,000 lives, and leaving 7,000 people homeless. We coordinated an emergency response to bring water treatment solutions on-line, delivered clothing, blankets, food, medicines, counseling to victims, and care for children who lost family members.

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade, devastated Haiti. While the real number of casualties may never be known, the estimated death toll was over 500 people. We delivered 2,000 water filters, 2,520 hygiene kits and 342 tarps to the most affected areas.

Flood Relief: Louisiana

In August 2016, we mounted an immediate emergency response effort mobilizing many volunteers. These workers provided 816 hours of services to gut and clean-up homes and minister to families impacted by the flood.

Cyclone Roanu: Sri Lanka

In May 2016, we implemented programs to care for children, provide supplies, medical care and essential furniture for their families, so the children could return to school as soon as possible.

Earthquake: Ecuador

In April 2016, following the earthquakes that took more than 650 lives and injured more than 16,000 people, we provided over 700 water filters and 8,400 hygiene kits to areas with the greatest need.

Earthquake: Nepal

In April 2015, when more than 21,000 were injured and over 8,500 were killed, we airlifted large, industrial strength tents to over 70 families, providing shelter to protect people from the monsoon rains. In addition, we gave relief supplies, water filters, food and hygiene kits to those in need. A team backpacked through the mountains to deliver over 2,000 pounds of relief supplies in Nepal’s remote regions who had not previously received any assistance.

Ebola Virus Outbreak: Sierra Leone

In March 2014-March 2016, as one of the largest non-government organizations in Sierra Leone, we recruited a Registered Nurse from the US to train health care workers, supplied ambulances, set up isolation units, helped with burials, delivered food to families, provided care for shunned survivors, and set up Community Care Centers to make care more accessible to those impacted by the disease. Read More

Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines

In November 2013, immediately following the typhoon that impacted 14 million people, we offered food, educational support, rice seeds, and farm animals to those in need.  

Earthquake: Haiti

In January 2010, the massive earthquake killed more than 230,000 people, injured over 300,000, and left over 1.5 million people homeless. We made available food for 83,200 people, purified water to 68,500 families, 16,103 hygiene kits, and medication to 7,320 orphaned and vulnerable children. While providing psychological care for 887 orphaned children, we helped to reunite 282 children with their guardians. Seminars were held in 26 camps where 18,925 youth learned about illness prevention, and we re-constructed three schools in Cite Soleil, Petit Goave, and Jacmel.

Our Impact

In 2017, we celebrated our emergency response impact.

water filters

distributed after mudslides in Freetown, Sierra Leone; installed 4 water tanks, trucked in over 35,600 gallons of water, hygiene promotion, food and medical provision, psychosocial support to victims.


who spent 18,000 hours serving more than 10,000 hurricane victims across Texas and Florida.


2,700 water filters, 130 solar chargers, desalination equipment and food distributed to hurricane victims.


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