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Event | Virtual tour 

“Travel” with us to Mondulkiri, Cambodia, in this special #GivingTuesday Virtual Tour Event!

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020 | 7:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm AT

If you are desperately missing travel or vacations, or if you are in need of some good news, you won’t want to miss this virtual event.

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Tel: (703) 923-9414

We’re looking forward to a fantastic experience with you! 

Enjoy a virtual visit at Jahoo in the heart of the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri, Cambodia! Trek into the jungle with us and spot beautiful and endangered species like the yellow-cheeked crested gibbons, black shanked doucs, and majestic elephants. Hear from the indigenous Bunong guides and village leaders, meet our Conservation specialist, and discover how the surrounding community is experiencing the power of hope through access to clean water and education as well as opportunities for employment.  You’ll spend 20 minutes experiencing the wonder of creation and being encouraged and inspired as you see for yourself the joy of unlocked possibilities and the power of hope.

We are looking forward to joining with you and celebrating the power of hope and what it looks like to participate in something that is greater than ourselves.

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