Together, we help kids with special needs.

In Sierra Leone, a child with a disability is often viewed as a curse. You show her that she is cherished.

With an investment of just $44 per month, you give a child with special needs:


*Please note: With extensive services provided to these special children, we invite two sponsors to connect with each child and his or her family.

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You give hope to the whole family.

Many moms in Sierra Leone have been told that it's their fault that their child was born with or later acquired the "curse" of a disability.  Already battling poverty, hundreds of moms feel isolated and desperate. A woman who loves her child fiercely, harbors the reality that without an ally…her child’s future is bleak.

After just one meeting with a caseworker, this lie is exposed! Like turning on a light, new hope shines brightness on an entire family! When you partner with a mom through sponsorship of her child, you give her the gift of seeing her child dream about his or her future!

To learn more about WHI’s current Education and Child Sponsorship efforts, read the 2015 Education and Child Sponsorship Annual Report. 

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Child sponsorship works.

Our hearts long to do something, because doing something works.

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you just three of the more than 800 children who have benefitted from the support of the Enable the Children team in Sierra Leone.

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You'll know it's working.

Have you ever wondered if child sponsorship actually works?

We get it. Our child sponsorship staff all sponsored children before working with World Hope. And now, we see it working every day. The hearts of children, their parents, and even their sponsors are transformed by such selfless acts of love on their behalf.

What you can expect as a sponsor:

  • Annual photo of the child
  • Child therapy updates at least twice per year
  • Quarterly program-wide newsletters       

**In the special case that your sponsored child has the ability to write a letter or draw a picture, you will also receive these treasures from time to time!

And, there is a standing invitation for you to visit your sponsored child and see the transformation for yourself!

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